Sale! Car Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser
Car Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser
  • Car Aromatherapy Humidifier - Enjoy Happiness on the Road
  • Effectively purifies and humidifies the air; improves the air quality inside your car, and prevents health damage from smoke, stale air, a/c and dust
  • Continuously provides you with a fresh environment
  • Combines aromatherapy and humidification together.  Try combining different oils to provide air purification and a good aroma, so you feel comfortable and relaxed on your car journeys.
  • Removes static electricity to protect the driver and passengers and reduces dust and bacteria
  • Use your favorite essential oils to bring a natural perfume to the air
  • Humidifies the air and keeps your skin fresh
  • Connects with the cigarette lighter socket
  • 180 degree rotation so you can direct your aromatherapy
  • Safety feature: Shuts of automatically after 2 hours
  • Four colors to choose from: Pink, Green, Blue and Purple
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Sale! Digital Hand-held Alcohol Breathalyzer
Digital Hand-held Alcohol Breathalyzer
  • Digital Hand-held Alcohol Breathalyzer
  • Now you can check your safety levels before you drive
  • Learn whether you are within safe limits, or need to designate a "dry" driver
  • Keep this little gadget with you when you go out, and make sure you never lose your license for being "under the influence"
  • Package includes: 1 x Digital Breath Alcohol Tester 5 x mouthpieces 1 x User Manual
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Sale! Mini USB Car Charger
Mini USB Car Charger
  • Special offer!  More than 50% off
  • Mini Dual USB Car Charger
  • Neat little gadget that plugs into your cigarette lighter socket
  • Small and lightweight so it can easily be carried in your pocket
  • Compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad, iPod touch, iPod nano, and many Digital cameras
  • Universal USB port works with most USB cables
  • Simultaneously charge two mobile devices
  • Choose from three colors: Black, Silver or Gold
Package Contains:
  • 1 x Dual USB Car Charger
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Sale! USB Car Charger
USB Car Charger
  • Special Offer!  More than 50% off
  • USB Three Port Car Charger
  • Never find your iPhone or iPad low on battery again
  • This ingenious and useful little gadget plugs into your cigarette lighter socket
  • Simultaneously charges up to three devices
  • Use your existing USB charge/sync cables (cables not included)
  • Charge your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mobile Phone and other USB powered devices
  • Choose from 5 different colors: Red, Silver, Gold, Green, Blue
Package contains 1 x 3 port USB car charger (cables not included)
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Sale! USB Rechargeable Super Bright Flashlight
USB Rechargeable Super Bright Flashlight
  • USB Rechargeable Mini Flashlight
  • Adjustable focus torch
  • Recharge through USB cable, USB hub or car adapter
  • Useful to carry in the car, as you can always recharge it through your USB socket or adapter
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, this flashlight is sturdy and durable enough for long term regular use
  • A lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, so you never need to consider replacing it
  • Water-resistant.  Can be submerged but only for a very short time
  • Super bright, in fact, it is so bright that you should avoid shining directly into your eyes
  • Lighting distance up to 100 meters/320 feet
  • Package contains: 1 x Rechargeable LED flashlight with lanyard
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